Winter Botany Printables

It’s beginning to look a lot like…


It snowed here a few days ago! Like majorly snowed. It’s not a common occurence to have such a big snow before Thanksgiving around here. Maybe a few flurries, but not the kind where school gets cancelled and the highways are a mess. I do remember it snowing on Thanksgiving when I was really little.

Well, all this snow has me in full Winter mode, and I’m happy to announce that the Hymns & Home Winter Botany Printables are now available!

I decided to make Winter printables instead of Christmas ones for a specific reason: You know that time between New Year’s and Valentine’s Day that’s just kind of a decorating no-man’s-land? I try to combat that by using wintery decor as the base layer for my Christmas decor. I can sprinkle in some Christmas-specific stuff for Christmastime, remove it when New Year’s is past, and I’ve still got all the wintery cozy stuff around! These printables fall into that wintery category. 🙂

This season I’ve been loving all the little bottle-brush trees, flocked pine, and subtle use of berries. I drew inspiration from all those when creating these printables – they have the pine and a few berries, but plenty of clean white, like freshly fallen snow.

These prints are a marriage of vintage and minimalism. The drawings are definitely vintage – straight out of an old book – but I’ve kept the text and background simple and clean to give these prints a peaceful, wintry aesthetic.

I hope you enjoy, and as always, please don’t hesitate to drop me a comment or message if you have any questions or issues!

Click here to get the Winter Botany Printables.

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