Chair Reupholstery Project Part 5: No-Sew Upholstered Cushion

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Our final video in this Chair Project series addresses:

  • Making a no-sew upholstered cushion with piping

Note: This is an upholstered cushion, not a removable cushion cover. It is semi-permanent (could pull it off if you want to change the fabric someday), but is a great no-sew option for normal, moderate use. Not recommended for high-traffic and heavy duty use (kids, pets, etc.).

I recommend watching this full screen, due to the vertical nature of the video. To watch full screen, click the “Youtube” button in the box below.

You can find my supplies linked here, in my Amazon Storefront.

And here is a link to the fabric I’m using – Covington Musee Toile Blue.

I’m happy to help if I can – please feel free to email me with any questions you might have!

Watch Previous Steps:

Part 1: Deconstruction
Part 2: Choosing Materials
Part 3: Upholstering
Part 4: Piping
(You’re on part 5)

This post contains affiliate links – click here for details.

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