Chair Reupholstery Project Part 1: Deconstruction

A few months ago I found this chair on Facebook Marketplace…

It was one of those love at first finds and I rapidly hit the “Is this still available?” message button, expecting it to already be gone. Lo and behold, it was still available and the sweet lady was even willing to deliver it to my house because it wouldn’t fit in my car, plus I have two small children. (I did give her some gas money.) It was so special to hear how the chair had been used for reading stories before bed every night with her children. I feel honored to be giving such a cherished and well-loved piece a second chance at life.

It had beautiful bones, but was certainly in need of some TLC. (You can see the original fabric in the video below.) I purchased it for my “creative corner” in the basement – a work still in progress – with plans to reupholster it.

It’s been slow-going, working here and there whenever I get the chance. Having two toddlers around makes projects go a bit more slowly (but that’s okay).

I thought you might like to come along for the ride. So without further ado…

Chair Reupholstery Project: Part 1: Deconstruction

I thought it would be much, much easier to share this in video form rather than try to type it all out. So here we go! Apologies for the poor video quality – I recorded it on my phone for Instagram stories before I thought about needing to upload it to the blog!

I recommend watching this full screen due to the vertical nature of the video. To watch full screen, click the “Youtube” button in the box below.

This is just the first step! Next comes cleaning, figuring out how much fabric and supplies are needed, and finally putting it all together. I’ll be sharing more videos in the coming days/weeks so stay tuned!

You can find a list of my upholstery supplies here, in my Amazon Storefront (affiliate link).

Continue Watching:

Part 2: Choosing Materials & Supplies
Part 3: Upholstering
Part 4: Piping
Part 5: Cushion

3 thoughts on “Chair Reupholstery Project Part 1: Deconstruction

  1. I love your videos! As a mom of two littles myself, your videos hit home. I love a good DIY and know that sometimes it’s 15 min of work and sometimes it’s a blessed 3 hours. I have a couple chairs that I’ve wanted to reupholster and I’ll be watching these videos several times as my project goes! Thanks for taking the time to make these and post. 💪 You go mama!


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