Vintage Lace No-Sew Bunny Garland

These sweet little no-sew bunnies are a quick, easy project and make a great garland or basket filler!

I made mine from a vintage lace tablecloth that I got at a rummage sale for $1, along with other supplies I already had on hand. The tablecloth was stained in many places and really not fit for use anymore, so I didn’t feel too guilty for cutting it up! You could easily use an old doily or any type of lace from the fabric store if you wish.


  • Cardstock
  • Pencil
  • Scissors for paper
  • White scrap fabric (I used an old sheet)
  • Old lace tablecloth (or doilies or other lace fabric)
  • Fiber fill or other stuffing
  • Optional wooden skewer or thin stick
  • Hot glue gun & refill sticks
  • Optional rubber glove
  • Fabric scissors
  • Faux fur, small pom-poms, or cotton balls
  • Cotton twine (preferably natural color, not bright white)
  • Needle and White Thread (if creating a garland)


1. Draw a bunny shape on the card stock (or print one from the computer).

2. Cut the bunny shape out (never use fabric scissors on paper – it will dull them!).

3. Trace the bunny shape on the white fabric using your pencil. You will need 2 tracings per bunny. I recommend an odd number of bunnies for a garland – I made 7 bunnies (14 tracings).

4. Cut the bunny shapes out with your fabric scissors.

5. Glue the 2 bunny shapes together using hot glue, but leave a gap for stuffing the bunny.

6. Stuff the bunny with desired amount of fiber fill. The wooden skewer can help get the stuffing up into the ears.

7. Glue the gap closed.

8. Cut a rectangle of lace that will cover the whole bunny.

9. Working quickly, outline the whole bunny in hot glue and lay the lace on top, pressing the edges down into the hot glue. Wearing a rubber glove will help prevent you from getting burned, as the hot glue will seep up through the holes in the lace!

10. Trim the excess lace off from the edges of the bunny.

11. Glue on a small piece of faux fur, pom-pom, or a cotton ball for the tail.

12. Tie a small bow with the twine. Glue it to the neck of the bunny.

13. Use as basket filler, or create a garland with a needle and white thread.

I threaded the string through the center of each bunny’s head, working from right to left. Don’t go too low on each bunny with the thread or the bunnies will tip forward when the garland is hung.

Alternatively, you could glue the bunnies onto a length of twine if you don’t want to mess with a needle and thread. I personally like having the option of pulling them off someday and so prefer the thread method.

There you have it!

I hope these sweet little bunnies bring all the elegant, vintage Spring vibes to your home! Enjoy!

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