Soothing Eucalyptus Shower

Wintertime brings a longing for coziness. With the excitement of Christmas past, many of us find ourselves in the midst of endless cold, gray days. Visions of blankets, hot cups of tea, and good books might be dancing in our heads instead of those sugarplum fairies.

A Christmas Tour

Only two days until Christmas! I've been excited but also a little frazzled this season because I finished gift shopping and wrapping much later than I usually do! I'm not so sure wrapping far in advance would've done me much good this year anyway, though - we've had to block off the tree with a baby gate because baby girl is determined to pull off every ornament and strand of ribbon that she can. She also likes to tear up paper and eat it, so one can imagine what she would do to wrapped gifts...

Winter Botany Printables

It's beginning to look a lot like...Winter! It snowed here a few days ago! Like majorly snowed. It's not a common occurence to have such a big snow before Thanksgiving around here. Maybe a few flurries, but not the kind where school gets cancelled and the highways are a mess. I do remember it snowing on Thanksgiving when I was really little.