DIY Winter Twig Trees

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A few weeks ago our neighbor had her yew bushes trimmed. Though they cleaned up most of the large branches, quite a few little ones were left on the ground where our properties meet. We love our neighbors – they are fantastic – and I figured they wouldn’t mind if I plucked up some of the extra branches left on the ground for a little project!

I’ve always loved the look of simple Scandinavian Christmas stick trees. Do you know the kind I mean? I’ve seen them at Homegoods and actually have one with red berries and little pinecones attached to it – it’s my favorite.

I decided to make my own using things we already had.

This project cost me a grand total of $0.

First, I stripped all the needles off the branches. I determined which ones would make good “trunks” and found ones of varying length for the horizontal branches.

I used a hand saw to trim any branches that needed shortening.

I laid them all out how I wanted them, then hot-glued on the branches. I have to tell you – the hot glue is not super sturdy. If you pull on the branches they will pop off, so if you want something more durable, I would suggest using wood glue and clamping them down while they dry.

Then my husband cut slices of logs for me from our log pile. The logs were leftover from when we had our tree taken down last year.

He drilled little holes partway into slice for the tree trunks to rest in.

I then hot-glued the trees into the wood slices.

To paint, I used Rustoleum “Chalked” paint in “Linen White” since I already had it on hand. I used a dry-brush technique: basically just keep very little paint on the brush and run it gently over the branches so that the paint does not completely cover. I feel like this gives it a rustic snowed-on effect.

Done! That simple!

Here’s a supply list if you’d like to give it a try yourself:

Branches of varying lengths and thicknesses
Log slices
Hand saw
Drill & appropriately sized bits
Hot glue & refill sticks
White chalk paint

I’d love to know if you try this project – please send me a photo or tag me on social media!

Please note that this page contains affiliate links. Click here to learn more.

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