Easter Printable and Phone Wallpaper

A sweet Easter printable and phone wallpaper with a joyful message!

As we approach Easter (only a week away!) and enter Holy Week, my thoughts quickly turn from prepping Easter baskets to the reason this holiday exists. It’s not the bunnies, chocolate, and eggs, though they are certainly fun! It’s the powerful, joyful proclamation that Jesus is alive! He is risen! (Sorry, I know it’s technically still Lent…)

Though it’s not quite Easter yet, I wanted to make this printable and phone wallpaper available to you in advance so you have time to print it if you’d like to use it! I was afraid if I waited until next weekend to publish it you’d be in the midst of prepping for family gatherings and such.

So, I hope you enjoy! I had fun putting it together. As always, thanks so much for following along – I appreciate your support!

(Printable and wallpaper are for personal use only and may not be copied, sold, published, modified, or used in any other way without the explicit permission of Hymns & Home.)

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He Is Risen Indeed Printable

To use the printable, simply click on the file and save it to your computer or device. You can then print it on your home printer or order a print online.
The format is 8×10 and you can choose either a high resolution PDF or a JPEG file.

He Is Risen Indeed Phone Wallpaper

To use the wallpaper, click the file and save the image to your phone. You can then set it as wallpaper in your phone’s settings.

Blessed Holy Week and a very joyful Easter to you!



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