Entryway Before & After

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Our entryway has been a long time coming – and I’m not sure it’s actually finished yet, but it’s to a point that I feel pretty good about it and it makes me actually smile instead of cringe when I look over there!

Here’s how it looked before our renovation in all its 1960s glory, complete with chipping tile and wood slat screens:

After our major renovation period of replacing / refinishing floors and trim, painting, ripping down walls, changing light fixtures, etc., it looked more like this:

Fast forward 3 years – yes, it took me 3 years to decorate this space – and I’ve made a few changes! It’s amazing how appropriately sized furniture and rugs can actually make a space seem bigger!

I’ll share and link all the sources for this space below!

The only thing I’d still consider doing to this space would be to add some textural interest through board and batten or some sort of woodwork as a feature wall. Wallpaper is out of the question – my husband has declared he will never EVER have wallpaper in his house, so board & batten could be a happy compromise!


Table: Amazon
Mirror: Hearth & Hand by Target
Rug: Boutique Rugs
Moravian Star Fixture: Amazon
Basket: Homegoods
Flowers: Target
Lamp: Homegoods
Bird Cage: Hobby Lobby
Plant Pot: Homegoods

Be sure to check out Instagram or Pinterest for my tips on styling a bird cage!

Please note that this page contains affiliate links. Click here to learn more.

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