My Thrifted Vintage Hutch That Almost Wasn’t

My latest vintage furniture find could have had an unfortunate ending!

I few weeks ago I was walking through one of my favorite thrift stores by myself (my parents had the kids), and in my usual fashion hit up the dishes first and eventually made my way back to the furniture section.

I came upon this cute little “bookcase.” I looked it over and it seemed to be solid wood and good quality.

It could make a cute bookshelf for the kids, I thought, so I took the tag off to claim it and kept walking.

I went and down a few more rows of furniture and saw a nice little cabinet. I really didn’t have any use for a little cabinet like that, however, and kept walking.

Now a few minutes later, something clicked in my brain – perhaps a gentle nudge from the Lord who knew I’d been searching for something for a certain corner of the house for about 2 years – but I had a definite “wait a second” moment.

I raced back to the cabinet and pulled out the little measuring tape I keep in my purse. I took a measurement of the top and raced over to the “bookshelf” and measured it. Yes, it was indeed possible that they went together. I picked up that heavy, solid wood shelf and lugged it down the aisle over to the cabinet. Then, as gracefully as possible in such circumstances, using my knee as a prop halfway up, I heaved that thing onto the cabinet and stood back to examine.

Yes, I was convinced they were one piece.

I put the hutch back down on the ground and happily went through the rest of the store, both furniture tags in hand. I didn’t quite know where I’d put it, and figured my husband wouldn’t be thrilled I was bringing home more furniture, but I would find a place!

As it turns out, this little corner was just right for it. I really like it next to the piano.

Plus, it has the storage I was looking for to store family board games! This is real life – I thought it would be silly to reorganize the cabinet just to take this picture.

They were priced separately, placed rows apart, and were almost separated forever.

But now they’re together in the little corner of my living room, holding some of my ironstone collection.

Yay for a happy ending!

Tell me about a favorite thrift store find that you’ve had in the comments below!



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