How to Make a Spring Mirror Garland

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A quick and easy tutorial on how to make a lovely Spring garland for your mirror! Resources are all linked below.

Garland of trailing greenery and white peonies and wildflowers on a round natural wood framed mirror.

I absolutely adored the way my entryway mirror looked at Christmastime with a garland! In fact I loved it so much I kept it around through Valentine’s Day and justified it with the fact it had red in it. Ha! But alas, the time finally came to take it down and the wall felt so empty – it needed another garland!

I literally just went around my house and gathered up some greenery and florals that I already had. They were all from Target and I’ve linked them all below in case you would like to recreate the look. Then I set to work wiring them together into a garland – it didn’t take much time at all! You just have to not be too perfectionistic about it – the more random and natural looking the better.

Wooden farmhouse style entryway table with spring decor. Round wall mirror has a garland of white flowers and greenery draped on one half.

Spring Mirror Garland Tutorial


Clear Command Adhesive Hooks (I used 4 of them)
Floral Wire
Wire Cutters
3 Faux Trailing Stems (I used the 38″ ones linked here)
Faux White Peonies
Faux Small White Wildflowers

(This is my mirror from Target)

Step 1: Place clear command hooks around the outside frame of your mirror.

I used 4 of them. Basically you want one or two near the top that will hold most of the weight of the garland (make sure your hooks are rated to hold the appropriate amount of weight), plus a few down the side to guide the garland.

Step 2: Wire together 3 stems of trailing greenery.

Shorten any super long stems, then overlap the branches as you wire them so that the leaves of the previous branch hide the beginning of the next one. Keep your stems pointing in the same direction.

Step 3: Wire in groups of white peonies.

I like to group them in odd numbers (I did a group of 5) and to vary the sizes in each grouping. These are your main focal point in your garland, so don’t be afraid to go big! I tried to have mine fall at the very upper left of my garland – the balance just felt right to me.

Step 4: Wire in groups of white wildflowers.

I cut smaller pieces off the main stem, then wired the little cuttings into groups, staggering the length of each to make them more natural. I then attached those groups to the garland. Just a few here and there – not so many as to overwhelm the garland

Step 5: Secure the garland to the hooks using floral wire.

Wrap floral wire around sections of your garland to form little loops, then hang the loops on the command hooks. I like to make my loops at least 2 wires thick (I wrap it twice) for added support. You can then fluff and adjust your garland until it’s just like you want it! Don’t be too perfectionistic though – the more random and natural the better!

There you have it – a quick and easy Spring Mirror Garland!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! You can certainly apply this technique to any season and florals you want – it’s very versatile!

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Please note that this page contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. I truly appreciate your support! Click here to learn more.

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