Flashback: Hall Bathroom Renovation

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It’s as vivid in my mind as if it were the other day – sitting on a wooden box, 9 months pregnant, handing my husband subway tile after subway tile as we hurried to finish our bathroom renovation before baby came. It’s so hard to believe that it was 3 years ago this week!

Well, we didn’t quite finish before baby came. At one week postpartum I was [very carefully] helping my husband line up the toilet with the screws on the floor so that we could get that porcelain attraction off of our driveway (it looked soooo classy, let me tell you!). Don’t worry, he was doing the heavy lifting!

Before our renovation, we were the proud owners of a very PINK bathroom! I suppose it was somewhat charming in a vintage kind of way, but not what we wanted long term. (Don’t you love the mangled blinds? They came with the bathroom…)

Besides the fact that it had pink floor tile, pink wall and shower tile, and a pink bathtub, it also had some structural issues that needed attention…like the fact that…

The. Shower. Leaked. Into. The. Basement.

Sound familiar? Yeah, that was pretty much the story of our new-homeowner lives. (Here’s the story of the other shower that leaked!) We found out about this one when I was cleaning the shower and my husband was working down in the basement. I had the water pointed at the shower wall to rinse off the soap and suddenly heard,

“Melissa! Turn it off! Turn it off!”

It was forming a significant lake on the basement floor.

Our pink bathroom also boasted not one, but TWO heating vents in the same room. It was certainly the warmest room in the house having two vents and being positioned directly above the furnace.

The bathroom had no exhaust fan. Steam would build up in that room in no time flat. You can imagine extreme steam + heat from two air vents in a small bathroom = major sauna!! We added a recessed light / exhaust fan combo, and my husband drilled a hole in the side of our house to install the exit vent. Fun times! That was the meanest looking saw blade I’ve ever seen – it was a metal blade shaped like a circular cookie cutter with large teeth. Eek! I held the ladder – that was my job!

The vanity and sinks were old, the faucets had seen better days, and so on.

The only things we kept were the toilet (which was fairly new), the mirror, and the light fixture. The light fixture is not exactly what I would pick given the opportunity, but it was fairly new and worked perfectly well, so we stuck with it to save some money.

One November Day, we gutted it.

Apparently pink cast-iron tubs shatter like glass when hit with a sledge hammer! Pretty cool. (No, I was not the one doing this, but I saw a video of my brother demolishing it!)

Over the next few months, my husband rebuilt the bathroom while I prepared the nursery and acquired baby supplies. I am so thankful for him. ❤

As always, family and friends were right there when we needed them and we are so very grateful! We could not have done it without you all!

It took a team of strong men to move our vanity in! (This was before we re-did our family room, by the way!)

I was very, very pregnant…

We finally finished a week after baby boy was born – the toilet re-installation was the icing on the cake! Okay, that just sounded wrong…those two things should never be in the same sentence.

Besides many aesthetic changes (tile, paint, trim, vanity, etc.), major changes we made to this bathroom were:

  • Installed exhaust fan that vents to the outside.
  • Removed and closed off the extra air vent.
  • Opened up the walkway by removing the “doorway” between sections.
  • Gutted and rebuilt the shower to not leak into the basement!

Because this bathroom functions as both a guest bath and the kids’ bathroom, we wanted it to be cheery and fun. We decided to paint it a bold blue to contrast with all the white. I also have a thing for birds, so that’s kind of the theme…my husband calls it our “bird bath.” 😉


We’ve been enjoying our new bathroom every since. ❤ As always, it was a lot of work and a lot of mess, but very worth it.

Please note that this page contains affiliate links. Click here to learn more.

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