Easy Fall Wreath Tutorial

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A beautiful neutral Fall wreath in just 3 simple steps!

I enjoy making my own wreaths – I love the creative process, the one of a kind result, and the fact that it often saves money over buying pre-made. With two little kids and being quite pregnant with my third, however, I don’t have a ton of time or energy to put into making a wreath right now. I love how quick and easy this one was to make! It is just 4 layers and 3 steps – it took under 30 minutes to put together!

Bright blue door, neutral Fall wreath with eucalyptus, cat tails, and groups of flowers, hung with black and white gingham ribbon.

From what I have read, tones like deep greens, creamy whites, and earthy browns are trending this Fall, along with mixing textures and plaids/checks in neutral tones. While I don’t purposely jump on trends (I tend to go with whatever I like) I guess this wreath happens to be right on target for this coming Fall season!

I found all the materials for this wreath at Hobby Lobby, so I’ll link those specifically below, but I will also link some pretty variations you might like as well!

Let’s make a wreath!


Neutral Fall wreath with eucalyptus, foxtails, and cream flowers on a blue front door


Start with the wreath form as your base.

I find it helpful to turn the wreath form different ways before starting and figure out which side would make the best top. Also determine which areas are lacking body and may need to be filled in a bit more with layers.

Whispy grapevine wreath form

First Wreath Layer – Eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus is such a beautiful, neutral foliage and works for pretty much any wreath! Snip your eucalyptus branches into smaller sections and simply stick them into the wreath form. For added durability, or for pieces that don’t have anywhere to hang on, use floral wire to secure.

Do not make the eucalyptus leaves go all the way to the tips of the wreath form – keep them more to the center ring, otherwise the eucalyptus will hide too much of the “wispiness” of the wreath. Be sure to keep your eucalyptus branches bending in the same direction as the wreath form – in my case it is all bending in a clockwise direction.

Wreath form with eucalyptus branches

Second Wreath Layer – Foxtails

As in the previous step, trim your foxtails into smaller sections and stick them into the wreath form, keeping the bend of the branches in the same direction as the previous layers. Use floral wire to secure as necessary.

In this case, do let the foxtails extend out to the tips of the wreath form in some places. This helps fill out the wreath and draw the eye outward. Be sure to work some of the foxtails close to the inner ring as well!

Wreath form with eucalyptus branches and foxtail flowers

Final Wreath Layer – Creamy Fall Flowers

Although I usually associate peonies with Springtime, these cream colored flowers are also perfectly fitting for Fall! Trim the flowers into individual stems and arrange them in groupings of odd numbers – I chose 2 groupings of 3 flowers each. Try to mix the size of the flowers for visual interest.

Fall wreath with eucalyptus, foxtails, and cream colored peonies

Done! Now let’s hang your wreath with ribbon!

To hang my wreath on my front door, I attached an upside-down command adhesive hook to the interior of my door. I looped the ribbon through the wreath, measuring (eye-balling) how much length I needed, then tied a knot at the end and hung it from the hook. No bulky wreath hanger needed!

Upside down command adhesive hook on back of front door used to hang wreath from ribbon

I hope you have enjoyed this simple little Fall wreath tutorial and are inspired to try one of your own! Remember, the beauty of making something yourself is that everyone’s will be a little different – there is no one right way to make a wreath!

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Easy Fall Wreath in 3 simple steps - Pinterest pin
Blessings, Melissa - Soli Deo Gloria

Please note that this page contains affiliate links. Click here to learn more.

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