Ridiculously Easy Garlic Bread

Welcome to the Hymns & Home Weekly Recipe Share!

Garlic bread doesn’t have to be a difficult ordeal or something you find in the frozen aisle of the grocery store. This simple, homemade recipe is one my family enjoys with spaghetti or lasagna, along with a side salad or green beans. It’s easily modifiable, so feel free to add other cheeses or herbs as you wish!

Click here to get the recipe!

Here’s a tip: Did you know you can freeze bread? Place your bread in an airtight protective bag like a Ziplock freezer bag, and place it in the freezer. When you are ready to thaw it, leave it in the bag and set it on the counter. As it warms, the condensation will settle on the outside of the bag, keeping your bread from getting soggy. If you open the bag to thaw, your bread will get wet!

You can freeze butter, too – also keep it in a freezer bag, otherwise it may take on weird smells that seep in through the cardboard container! Eww.

So the moral of these tips are… I usually have on hand just about everything I need to make this garlic bread without much planning! The cheese would be the only issue, but even that keeps relatively well in the fridge for a while, so I usually just keep some Parmesan and mozzarella on hand.

I’d love to know if you give this a try and enjoy it as much as we do!

I love to try new recipes – feel free to send some my way, either in comments below or message me on social media!

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