Easy Turkey Burgers

Welcome to the Hymns & Home Weekly Recipe Share!

Who doesn’t love a quick and easy dinner that’s also tasty and healthy? These Easy Turkey Burgers, adapted from my mom’s recipe, are one of my go-to’s for a quick midweek meal. I love pairing them with homemade hamburger buns, our favorite BBQ sauce, and some sweet potato fries from Trader Joe’s (they have awesome frozen sweet potato fries!).

Click here for the recipe!

Here’s a tip – when making burgers (or cooking meat of any kind for that matter), use a meat thermometer to get your meat just right. Before you scroll on thinking, “I don’t need a meat thermometer,” I’m here to tell you it’s a game changer. It’s not just a matter of getting your meat cooked enough that it’s safe to eat – it’s getting it to a safe point without over-cooking it that’s key! No one wants a dried-out hockey puck of a burger!

My favorite meat thermometer is my “Thermapen” by Thermoworks. It is instant-read and suitable for all sorts of applications – cooking, grilling, baking, candy-making… You can read more about why I love my Thermapen in this blog post. (P.S. Don’t buy one off Amazon – it’ll be a fake! They only sell them directly from Thermoworks.)

I hope you enjoy these Easy Turkey Burgers as much as I do!

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I love to try new recipes! Feel free to send some my way, either in comments below or message me on social media!

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