A Few of My Favorite Things: Kitchen Edition

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Are you hearing Julie Andrews in your head right now, too? So sorry…

Did you know that I’ve never seen The Sound of Music? I’m rather ashamed, being a professional musician and all – my husband can’t even believe it. I know many of the songs, but to this day I’ve never seen the movie or any stage production.

But I digress…

You may be wondering why in the world I would be sharing a post about kitchen accessories. Well, let me explain…

“Creating a home you love” is not only about decor.

Shaping your living space into a home is much more than finding the right throw pillows or wreath. It includes the meals you eat, the smells and sounds that fill your space, and most of all the people with whom you share that space. It is the relationships we build and nourish with our family and friends that make our houses into homes.

I’m excited to share with you 5 items that help me in my home-shaping endeavors. I wouldn’t want to be without these in my kitchen! Maybe some of these will be new to you, and hopefully they will improve your daily kitchen experience!

#1. Thermapen Classic Thermometer

I can confidently say that the Thermapen is the most invaluable tool in my kitchen.

What is it? It’s a super-fast-read kitchen thermometer that you can use on just about anything. Well, please don’t take your own temperature with it, but you can use it on just about any food. It is by far the best way to tell if your meat is cooked through without having to cut it open and release all the juices. Mine came with a handy chart which tells you the USDA-approved temperature at which a particular meat is considered fully cooked and safe. As long as I use my Thermapen, my meat is cooked just right every time.

You can use it for oven and stove-top cooking, grilling, baked goods, jam and jelly making, casseroles, deep frying, candy making… the list goes on.

I realize it may seem a bit pricey, but I use mine almost every day and it makes such a difference in my cooking. The price is totally worth meat perfection any day! 😉

Unfortunately, it is no longer sold on Amazon. ThermoWorks stopped selling it on there because there are too many counterfeit and imitation products out there. So don’t think you’re buying a real one off Amazon – it’s either a scam or being sold by a non-authorized seller at too high a price. This goes for other sites like Ebay, too. You can buy the Thermapen from the ThermoWorks website or from one of their authorized retailers. Visit their site for more info.

#2. Vegetable Steamer

This stainless steel vegetable steamer is probably the second most-used item in my kitchen. I love that it can conform to any size pot!

We received this steamer as a wedding gift, and for the last 3+ years, I have been using it regularly to steam green beans, broccoli, carrots, squash… and it only takes 6-8 minutes! Steaming is a great way to cook your vegetables because, unlike boiling, you’re not cooking the nutrients right out of your food. I use the steaming time chart out of my America’s Test Kitchen cookbook, but here’s one online that looks good.

#3 Jar Opener

This jar opener packs a punch when it comes to torque. Oooo, my husband will be so proud of me for using the word torque! 😉

You know when you have a jar lid that’s really stuck tight, but that little grippy pad – or the kitchen towel – is just not cutting it? This baby puts those other jar openers to shame. It adjusts so you can use it on most lids and has a comfort grip handle so your hand doesn’t slip. Win.

#4 Salt Cellar

Honestly, I didn’t even know I needed one of these until I saw it in the store and exclaimed, “That’s cute!…What is it?”.

This salt cellar by The Pioneer Woman is, first of all, a great way to store your salt, and secondly, adorable! The concept of a salt cellar is actually a very old one, but it’s making a comeback these days, replacing the salt shaker. It’s so convenient for measuring out salt with a measuring spoon or grabbing a pinch to season your food. The wooden lid just rests on top – it’s not sealed or clamped down. Keep it on your counter or in your spice cabinet and pull it out when you’re cooking. Easy peasy.

#5 Mason Cash Spoon Rest

There are many spoon rests in this world, but I happen to love this one because I’m smitten with Mason Cash.

From the moment I watched The Great British Baking Show for the first time, I fell in love with the elegant ceramic mixing bowls, delicate measuring spoons, and other refined bakeware used by the bakers on the show. I had never even heard of Mason Cash, but we quickly became best friends. This spoon rest is part of the Mason Cash In the Forest collection, a beautiful collection of stoneware in creamy whites and subtle earth tones, patterned with sweet woodland scenes.

Fun Fact: A few Christmases ago, I added a few Mason Cash mixing bowls to my wish list. I ended up receiving…wait for it…15 bowls for Christmas that year! Whoa. They were all different sizes and colors, and I was very appreciative, but I did end up returning a few because my cabinets could not hold them all. That was the year I learned not to send the same wish list to everyone in the family! [insert face palm emoji here]

So there you have it! My 5 favorite kitchen items, all of which are invaluable in my home-shaping endeavors.


Please note that this post contains affiliate links. Click here to learn more.

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