25 Creative, Consumable, and Useful Easter Basket Ideas

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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I could use a little help thinking up ideas for Easter baskets! It’s like, I want my kids to get cute stuff but also don’t want just a bunch of junk laying around my house, you know? (Little wind up chicks, I’m looking at you!)

So here is a list of 25 creative, consumable, and useful ideas to fill those baskets!

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A Bible, a Hymnal, or a book of the Easter Story

Because that’s what it’s about!

1. Our favorite Bibles are The Beginner’s Bible and The Story Bible. The Little Lamb’s Bible is also a very sweet rhyming book for little ones (there’s also a Little Chick’s Bible and Little Bunny’s Bible). (We have all of those first three Bibles I listed, by the way, and use them every day, so I’m speaking from actual experience with them here.)

2. An excellent beginner’s hymnal for children is My First Hymnal (just note that this is a Lutheran publication). I know there are other children’s hymnals out there, but this is one I’m familiar with and can confidently recommend.

3. This set of 6 illustrated, rhyming books spans Palm Sunday through the Resurrection, and this board book has lots of flaps to lift as the story is told!

Healthy(ish) treats

I’m all about the Easter chocolate, but it’s nice to have tasty treats that are actually good for them too so you can more readily say “yes” when they want to dig into their baskets for the umpteenth time that day!

Some of my favorite healthier but fun treats include:

4. Bunny shaped snacks like Annie’s Bunny Fruit Snacks, Annie’s Bunny Grahams, or Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies

5. Homemade trail mix – dried fruit, nuts (for older kids), cheerios or similar cereal, chocolate chips or candy pieces

6. Applesauce pouches in varied flavors (my kids don’t get these too often, so it’s a treat!) – We like GoGo Squeeze

Gardening Supplies

Gardening (even on a small scale) is such an enriching experience for kids! You could put together a little kit for starting some flowers or veggies! It doesn’t take much – just some seeds and maybe some pots, but to make it more fun, here are a few extra ideas:

7. From Seed to Plant Book – great for an early science lesson in how plants grow! (We actually have this book)

8. Kids’ Gardening Gloves

9. Flower Pot Painting Kit

10. Watering Can

11. Kids Gardening Tools

12. Gift Cards

Probably best suited for older kids, but who doesn’t love a gift card? Make it to their favorite store, restaurant, smoothie place, ice cream shop, iTunes, or a bookstore.

13. Fun Accessories

You can go more Spring and Easter specific for fun or more generic for year-round use! Here are a few very cute ones I’ve found!

Meri Meri Bunny Necklaces (My little girl is getting the blue one!)

This bunny pigtail set is adorable and this carrot bow tie is very fun!

Outdoor Toys & Summer Gear

The weather is getting nicer and Summer is right around the corner, so fun outdoor gear will get plenty of use! Things like:

14. Bubbles (I found some cute carrot-shaped bubbles at my local grocery store – these are a similar idea)

15. Sidewalk Chalk – like this Easter Sidewalk Chalk

16. Jump Ropes

17. Velcro Ball & Catch Set

18. A Kite

19. Swimsuit

20. Flipflops

21. Pool Toys

Art and Craft Supplies

Art supplies definitely get used up around our house, so I usually don’t feel bad about buying more!

22. Stickers – Resurrection Sticker Scene, Faith Stickers

23. Cute notebooks, like this adorable bunny notebook or this Bible quote notebook

24. Rainbow Scratch Paper (my kids love this stuff)

25. Craft kit – like this Make a Bunny Friend kit

I hope you’ve enjoy these ideas that aren’t chocolate rabbits or jelly beans!

If you found this helpful, please be sure to share!

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Please note that this page contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. I truly appreciate your support! Click here to learn more.

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