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  • Kitchen Renovation Before & After
    As my son and I stood in the kitchen making our pumpkin pie the other day, I began to reflect upon what that space looked like two years ago at this time – completely gutted.
  • Tie-Up Curtain Tutorial
    I had been looking for something to break up all the white. I mean, I love the brightness of my white kitchen – it’s what I’ve always wanted – but it just needed some contrast.
  • The Dining Table That Could
    One of my son’s favorite books right now is “The Little Engine That Could.” Having read this story a number of times (okay, a lot), it was the first thing that popped into my head when trying to figure out how to describe the transformation of this dining set.
  • Little Black Bench: A Makeover Story
    I am SO excited to finally get to share this with you all today! I can’t believe it finally happened! So, back in June, I bought this little cherry bench off Facebook Marketplace…
  • Trash to Treasure: Little Girl’s Rocking Chair
    While I’m hesitant to call it trash, this rocking chair I bought off Facebook Marketplace was in really rough shape. It was dirty, the wood was rough, the paint chipping, and nail heads were popping out in some places. But like any good project piece, it had one important thing: potential.

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