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  • Where are the Hymns?
    A few months ago, a friend and former choir member at church who follows my blog asked me an interesting question: “Where are the hymns?”
  • The Old Church Door
    It started with an old church door…before the blog, before children, before marriage…
  • A Christmas Tour
    Only two days until Christmas! I’ve been excited but also a little frazzled this season because I finished gift shopping and wrapping much later than I usually do! I’m not so sure wrapping far in advance would’ve done me much good this year anyway, though – we’ve had to block off the tree with a baby gate because baby girl is determined to pull off every ornament and strand of ribbon that she can. She also likes to tear up paper and eat it, so one can imagine what she would do to wrapped gifts…
  • Kitchen Renovation Before & After
    As my son and I stood in the kitchen making our pumpkin pie the other day, I began to reflect upon what that space looked like two years ago at this time – completely gutted.
  • My Quirky Antique Church Pew
    Have you ever watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas?” Well, if you are familiar with it, you know that part when all the kids are making fun of that twig of a tree and Charlie Brown tells them all that he doesn’t care…that it will be perfect…and besides, that little tree needs him? That, my friends, is how I felt about this antique church pew.
  • Winter Botany Printables
    It’s beginning to look a lot like…Winter! It snowed here a few days ago! Like majorly snowed. It’s not a common occurence to have such a big snow before Thanksgiving around here. Maybe a few flurries, but not the kind where school gets cancelled and the highways are a mess. I do remember it snowing on Thanksgiving when I was really little.
  • Tie-Up Curtain Tutorial
    I had been looking for something to break up all the white. I mean, I love the brightness of my white kitchen – it’s what I’ve always wanted – but it just needed some contrast.
  • The Dining Table That Could
    One of my son’s favorite books right now is “The Little Engine That Could.” Having read this story a number of times (okay, a lot), it was the first thing that popped into my head when trying to figure out how to describe the transformation of this dining set.
  • Little Black Bench: A Makeover Story
    I am SO excited to finally get to share this with you all today! I can’t believe it finally happened! So, back in June, I bought this little cherry bench off Facebook Marketplace…
  • Fall Decor Mini Tour
    Some people like to decorate every nook and cranny for each season or holiday. I’m not one of those people. I have my areas I change out seasonally, but I like to keep things pretty simple because…what’s that law of physics…what goes up must come down?

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