The Old Church Door

It started with an old church door…

…before the blog, before children, before marriage…

The church where I worked was replacing its original 1930’s solid wood doors. The old, red doors were weathered, worn, and chipped…

…and they were just going to throw them out.

I could not let that happen – they had character, history, and the most fantastic original iron hardware. Each of the three doors was set with a colorful stained glass window. I knew someone somewhere would love them and give them a second chance at life. I got permission to sell them and to put any profit towards the building of our new organ.

As a vehicle to try to sell them, I created an Etsy shop.

The doors were sold to a man who was building a fairy tale castle for children. He had even published a book and gave me an autographed copy (admittedly I have not read the several-hundred-page fantasy tale). A few months after purchasing all three of the solid wood doors (weighing nearly 200lb a piece!), the buyer kindly sent me photos of the doors once they had been modified and installed in their new home. They were perfect.

Though I ended up selling those doors via Craigslist and never used the Etsy shop I had made, the shop continued to exist out in Etsy-world, vacant, for all these years.

Until now.

I am very pleased to introduce to you

“The Old Church Door”
The official shop of the Hymns & Home Blog!

My long-vacant shop has been resurrected as a tribute to my love of vintage items that deserve a second chance at life!

For now, the shop offers solely vintage-inspired digital downloads, but someday soon I hope to add physical items such as vintage and handmade goods.

So you might be wondering…

“Does this mean she’s never going to offer freebies on here again?”

No. I still plan to offer free printables and recipes on here from time to time, because I really appreciate you all following along! Anything that was already free on here will remain free, and I will continue to add new ones here and there.

The first ever items in the shop are my new Vintage Spring Botanicals! They can be purchased as a set of 9 or individually.

I’d love it if you’d drop by and pay the shop a visit! I’m so excited about it and would love to hear what you think!

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