Repurposed Copper Teapot

There’s nothing quite like fresh flowers to brighten up your space! I love grabbing an inexpensive bouquet at Trader Joe’s – it freshens up the whole kitchen and adds a glorious pop of color.

A few weeks back I found this little copper teapot at Goodwill. It had no lid and was rather dingy looking, but I loved the shape and especially loved that blue and white enamel handle! (Drooling slightly, haha)

In typical form, I bought it not knowing where I was going to use it, but figured I’d find a use. My husband very sweetly shined it up for me using a paste made from lemon juice and salt. Did you know that making such a paste will breathe new life into worn copper? I didn’t either! Just make the paste and scrub the copper with a scrubby pad or old toothbrush and voile!

Throw in a $2.99 bouquet of stock flowers from Trader Joe’s and *boom* you have a cute little centerpiece for your table!

By the way, I’m not affiliated with Trader Joe’s in any way – I just love them and their affordable, beautiful flowers! 😉


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